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DuraGrade CONCRETE – Butterscotch

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More about DuraGrade CONCRETE – Butterscotch

Butterscotch concrete paint: Practical ideas to transform concrete

Concrete spaces, be they garage floors, pathways, living rooms or warehouse floors, often get worn out and scruffy. Leaving them that way gives an ambiance of poor maintenance and desolation. There are many ways to rejuvenate such “sad” surfaces and bring them back to life. But, typically, most of these are time and money consuming.

But now, there’s an amazing paint product – Butterscotch concrete paint – that will transform how you revive your floors and other concrete surfaces.

What to look for

When choosing your concrete paint, make sure it has all the qualities that make life easy for you. So, what should you look for? Well, your paint must be:


  • Easy to apply – with brush, roller or spray gun
  • Chip, scratch and UV resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Slip proof

Choose a product that doesn’t require extensive, if any at all, prep work – like scrapping, under coats and primers. Because, after all, what good is a paint job if it means you have to do so much work? Why not simply throw a rug on the floor and be done with it? Well, the good news – especially for DIY’ers, is that the RustBullet DuraGrade line of paints offers you all this and more.

Ideas to bring butterscotch into your life

Glaring Garages


There’s no need to re-do your garage floor anymore. You don’t need to pour tons of concrete onto your property to make your garage look like brand new. You don’t even need to pay big bucks to roll out so-called “anti slip” garage mats and floor covers. All you need is a can of Butterscotch concrete paint – and some ingenuity. Just paint your floor as if you’d paint a wall or a cabinet, and watch that grime and grit-filled floor come to life.




Flawless Floors


Concrete garage floors aren’t the only place that could use some sprucing up. Sometimes, the challenge may be outside the home, including with heavily trafficked walkways and paths leading up to the home or office building. Today’s concrete paints include amazing features that transform the outdoors instantly. Imagine transforming that drab walkway, or a worn-down slab of asphalt leading to your property, into something like a walk-of-fame?

Just use RustBullet DuraGrade Concrete on the area, and add some RustBullet mica gold/silver flakes to the mix. And if your concrete floor has rebars or steel or metallic components – no sweat! These modern-day concrete paints act as rust and corrosion prevention treatments. So, what does that mean to your floor? Well, it means that, despite being an outdoors application, concrete paints will protect rust or corrosion from attacking your floors.

Lively Living


And when it comes to the indoors, it’s amazing what a carpet, rug or hardwood or laminate can do for a floor. But all of those take time, cost money, and require a huge ongoing maintenance commitment. But what’s the alternate? Butterscotch concrete paint!

But paints are meant for walls and ceilings – right? WRONG! The RustBullet DuraGrade Concrete range of paints are equally great at protecting concrete floors as they are at doing so for other concrete surfaces. Whether it’s a high-trafficked walkway, or a kitchen or storeroom wall, or a warehouse floor, these paints will protect them all.