We at Rust Bullet, LLC recently announced the launch of DuraGrade Concrete and DuraGrade Clear. Rust Bullet® Color Flakes can be applied on top of DuraGrade Concrete for a stylistic finish, and DuraGrade Clear can be used as a sleek topcoat for maximum aesthetic value. Other products are available on the market such as BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Flakes, but Behr’s website only seems to feature one color with no way to purchase the product online.

Rust Bullet, LLC offers five attractive color blends, and our products could not be easier to purchase. Purchase DuraGrade Concrete on Rust Bullet, LLC’s website or on Amazon. Purchase DuraGrade Clear on Rust Bullet, LLC’s website or on Amazon. Add some style to your project with Rust Bullet® Color Flakes from Rust Bullet, LLC’s website or Amazon.

Rust Bullet® Color Flakes are specially formulated paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of Rust Bullet’s Concrete Coatings. This unique product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range and are available in five popular color blends.

Available Rust Bullet® Color Flakes Color Blend Options:

  • Electric Blue Blend
  • Midnight Blend
  • Black Marble Blend
  • Desert Sand Blend
  • Autumn Brown Blend

Did we mention that a 1lb unit of our Rust Bullet® Color Flakes only costs $12.99?

Check out these special features. 

  • Optimal Flexibility and Strength
  • Colorfast, UV Stable Pigments
  • Low Sound / Noise Deadening Qualities
  • Helps to Hide Dirt and Sub-Surface Imperfections
  • Ease of Application
  • Lab-tested Resin Compatibility
  • Size Standardized Size Ranges
  • Renewable, Sanitary and Safe

One color blend of our Rust Bullet® Color Flakes is capable of producing multiple style options by increasing or decreasing the broadcast density of the product. Here’s what we mean.

Contact us for all your industrial, home & farm, marine, automotive, and concrete application needs. For more information, call Rust Bullet, LLC at 1-800-245-1600 or email us at sales@rustbullet.com. We can’t wait to discuss your next project!