Whether you have a new garage or you’re redoing its coating, you’ll find a range of floor coatings that will make it aesthetically pleasing. It’s not enough to choose garage floor paint based on the color and finish. You also must consider durability and longevity. Here are the factors to consider making an informed choice.

The brand and manufacturer

Look for floor coatings from an established and reputable manufacturer. The brand should be associated with high-performance protective paints. Research and make sure it uses superior patented technology on its products.

Ease of application

Choose a high-performance garage floor paint that is easy to apply directly on concrete surfaces without a primer, basecoat, and acid etching. It should not require a topcoat, either (unless securing something like decorative flake to the floor). Make sure it’s easy to apply by spray equipment, roller, or brush, and it can cover around 350 square feet, per coat, per gallon, depending on the substrate’s texture and porosity. You’ll need at least two coats for a high-quality finish.

Longevity and durability

Look for coatings that adhere properly to concrete surfaces while resisting chipping, scratching, UV light, and chemicals. It should be versatile for outdoor and indoor surfaces and capable of offering protection from hot tire pick-up. Some manufacturers offer an anti-skid finish coating that you can apply to the final coat.


Explore the available colors and consider a brand that offers custom shades for a more personalized look. High-quality garage floor coatings leave a beautiful gloss finish, eliminating the need to apply a glossy topcoat.


Check the performance testing of the garage floor paint. Reputable manufacturers should disclose the results and ratings on their websites. Consider coatings proven for Taber abrasion (ASTM D4060), impact resistance (ASTM D2794), pull-off adhesion bond strength (ASTM D7234-05), and Mandrel bend (ASTM D 522-13).


The garage is an enclosed space that requires low VOC coatings. Choose a formulation low in VOCs and complies with VOC regulations in all 50 states.