Regardless of the surface material—be it wood, concrete, or metal—floors are constantly exposed to harsh conditions and need proper protection to ensure easy maintenance and prevent damage. Rust Bullet DuraGrade Clear offers a superior and versatile solution. This high-quality, rust-inhibitive, and protective coating is suitable for any surface, making it an all-around choice to enhance both the aesthetics and performance of your floors!

If you’ve had prior experience with other floor coating products, you might be wondering if Rust Bullet products share the same qualities and application methods as traditional coatings. The short answer is no because it’s much, much better!

Easy application

Traditional floor coating products require extensive preparation and base coat application. But with Rust Bullet floor coatings, you can eliminate the guesswork and save time. Rust Bullet for Concrete and DuraGrade Clear do not require acid etching and can be applied directly from the can, even on rusted metal surfaces. They ensure superior adhesion and offer excellent abrasion resistance along with corrosion protection.

Many epoxy coatings require surface preparation before applying the final floor coating, but you can skip this step with Rust Bullet products. Even DuraGrade Concrete Ultra-Low VOC is designed to adhere well to any surface while providing outstanding UV, chemical, scratch, and chip resistance, resulting in a great-looking glossy surface.

Anti-skid finish

Not all floor coatings offer a non-slip and anti-skid surface. But with Rust Bullet, you can achieve this easily by adding Tread-Tex to DuraGrade Clear for the final coat, ensuring safer floors.

Ready to apply floor coatings?

You can purchase Rust Bullet floor coating right here on this website, and we’ll promptly ship it to your location. If you prefer to buy it in person, find a distributor near you.

With Rust Bullet’s user-friendly application and superior performance, your floor coating process will be hassle-free and yield excellent results!