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Automotive Undercoating by Rust Bullet



Automobiles are beautiful but with time and as your car is exposed to the atrocities of nature like blazing heat, rain, UV rays etc., wear and tear occurs,. All cars require proper maintenance if you want your car to have a long life. Rust is also a ‘major’ maintenance problem. Car Rust Paint and Automobile undercoating are solutions to car rust problems.



Generally, the lower body of an automobile is more prone to rusting then the upper body and therefore requires special treatment like automotive undercoating. The requirement becomes a necessity if you have invested in a vintage automobile as your investment is at stake. But for this very important need, there are very few options of automobile undercoating available in the market. ‘Rust Bullet’ provides a very effective solution to this automobile undercoating problem for protection from rust.

Rust Bullet- Kills the rust!


Rust Bullet, is a one step Urethane based patented product that penetrates rust and dehydrates it and seals the area with an armor tuff tough coating. Rust Bullet Automotive can be used as an automotive paint as well as an automotive undercoating. The paint is metallic grey in color and it takes approximately 3 Quarts to do an under carriage with two coats. Rust Bullet automotive is different than the Rust Bullet industrial formula; it is thinner and has more metal so as to give a smoother paintable finish to your car.



Advantages of using Rust Bullet Automotive

  • It requires very little prior surface preparation
  • It can be applied directly to the rusty metal surface
  • It has superior adhesion properties
  • It is very easy to apply and maintain
  • It is UV resistant



Application of Rust Bullet Automotive

Rust Bullet Automotive can be applied to your car with the help of an HVLP spray system with a 1.3 to 1.5 tip at 40 PSI, at about 2 Mils per coat. For a 10 year warranty a dry film thickness of 6 mils is required. After applying three coats 24-48 hrs later you can apply a top coat with a color of your choice. It is advisable to run Xylene or acetone through the lines of your equipment before & after spraying the first coat of Rust Bullet, to avoid any damage to the equipment.



Rust Bullet solves the rust problem with its easy and simple process. Visit the site and try this unique product.





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