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Rust Bullet has been awarded an unprecedented Two Patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Never before has the U.S.P.T.O. issued Two Patents for Two New Technologies to One Rust/Corrosion Control Product.
Rust Bullet is a unique single component high solids industrial coating, unparalleled in the coatings industry. Rust Bullet is an advanced coating, which provides far more than just protection.
Very different from traditional rust conversion or rust encapsulation products, Rust Bullet's Patented Technologies are the most effective and efficient method available today, to prevent the corrosion of metals. Rust Bullet products protect solid surfaces from oxidation and chemical attack. A cured Rust Bullet Coating provides protection from steel rust, iron rust, metal rust and metals corrosion, and is more effective, an easier application and less costly than epoxy coatings and other corrosion control products.
Most rust paints use old technologies to stop rust such as rust conversion with rust inhibiting chemicals added that simply do not work. Rust Bullet's superior technology should not be confused with rust converters, rust paints or other exterior paints. Rust Bullet's distinctive formulation allows the first coat to penetrate the rusted areas dehydrating the rust, causing it to become a compact solid again, which intertwines itself in the resin matrix becoming a permanent part of the coating. The second and subsequent coats of Rust Bullet create an impermeable surface. Unlike other steel coatings or metal coatings, Rust Bullet is a single component coating, which means there is no need for activators or a catalyst. Rust Bullet does not require expensive or time consuming surface preparation, nor does it require special pre-treatment products. Rust Bullet is designed to apply directly onto rusted or clean surfaces, with brush, roller or spray equipment by the amateur or professional applicator.
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Protecting our environment is a key issue to Rust Bullet, LLC. Corrosion is recognized as one of the most serious problems in our modern societies and the resulting losses each year from rust and corrosion are in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Rust Bullet's ability to restore virtually any substrate to a rust and corrosion free usable state can eliminate millions of tons of unusable waste from our landfills. Rust Bullet is considered an environmentally friendly solution FOR STOPPING RUST AND CORROSION AND IS WIDELY CONSIDERED THE BEST RUST INHIBITIVE INDUSTRIAL COATING. Rust Bullet products contain no lead, no zinc, no chromates, no heavy metals, no acids, and no pesticides. Rust Bullet effectively encapsulates mold and other bio -hazards directly reducing labor costs.
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marine, automotive, farm, and home projects, choose
Rust Bullet, the Leader in Rust Inhibitive Coatings.

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