Rust Bullet Automotive


    Rust Bullet Automotive is a one-part, super tough, high performance, rust inhibitive coating. It is simple to apply, and because of its super strong rust inhibitive qualities, maintenance is extremely easy. According to  extensive independent scientific testing, Rust Bullet is the most effective, longest lasting rust/corrosion-control product on the market.

    • A Unique Formulation with Two United States Patents
    • Little to No Surface Preparation Required
    • Coats Directly Over Rusted, Clean and New Metal with Superior Adhesion
    • Easy to Apply and Maintain
    • Topcoat Paint Optional
    • UV Resistant – Won’t Fade or Crack
    • Applied by Brush, Roller or Spray Equipment


    Although all Rust Bullet Coatings can be brushed or rolled, our Automotive Formula contains more metal and is a bit thinner than our Industrial Formula. This allows for an allowing for an easy application with HVLP spray equipment and provides a smoother finish usually desired for automotive projects. Metallic gray in color.

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    1/4 Pint, Pint, Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail, 4 Quarts