We continually expose our vehicles, whether they are industrial rigs, commercial fleets or privately owned cars, SUVs and crossovers, to the elements. It’s inevitable that these vehicles encounter moisture and other corrosive forces in the form of industrial process materials, damp air, puddles of water, rain or snow. When that occurs, the inevitable happens: Rust!

Rust not only shortens the useful life of an automobile, it also poses a health and safety risk for drivers, passengers and cargo onboard. Fortunately, vehicle owners can rely on automotive rust inhibitors to act as the first line of defense against rust and corrosion.

Rust and corrosion – The inevitable combo



Where there’s rust, corrosion follows!

Most owners of fleets of vehicles likely have an effective vehicle maintenance strategy in place. That includes routinely hosing off, wiping down and dry-patting cars, buses and trucks, especially in bad weather or after long trips. But that will not solve the issue of rusting. Where there’s moisture, rusting will follow.

Over the course of time, typically several months, rust begins to form in places you can’t reach with a dry cloth or hose.  Behind painted surfaces, under floors and on the undercarriage. Sure, a robust greasing protocol may delay the inevitable, but given time, the inevitable combo takes over.

Left unchecked, this destructive duo:

  • Produces unsightly blemishes on cars, trucks and rigs, destroying the aesthetic appeal of your fleet – and your corporate brand
  • Hidden and unchecked, the dual menace compromises the structural integrity of the automobile. A rusted floor, a weakened body panel or a rust-covered door hinge, or a corroded suspension puts drivers, passengers and cargo at risk

Regardless of how thorough your maintenance program is, it’s almost impossible to do battle against rust and corrosion without specifically targeting them as part of a preventive – and not reactive! – maintenance plan. And there’s good news for automobile owners who wish to do just that!


Rust prevention is possible

By using the right tools to address them, vehicle owners can dramatically reduce the impact of rust and corrosion on their automobiles. However, it takes the right products and appropriate application to prevent rust from interfering with the smooth running of your vehicles.

Adding a protocol of rust inhibition to any automotive preventative maintenance program is the best way to combat the dynamic duo of rust and corrosion. A professional grade automotive rust inhibitor coating is your first – and last – line of defense against premature aging of your vehicle fleet. By preventing rust from forming at the outset, you’ll:

  • Extend the useful life of your fleet
  • Reduce the amount spent on treating the after effects of rust
  • Eliminate rust-related down-time and service interruptions

The Rust Bullet automotive formula is uniquely designed with more metal than traditional rust inhibitor formulation. The simple one-step application requires no topcoat – and that means there’s less time needed to complete the job. It’s UV resistant composition, coupled with its scratch and chip-resistant characteristics mean vehicles treated with it not only remain rust-free for longer; but they also look better preserved and blemish-free for extended periods.