Project Information:

Project Name: Automotive Undercarriage – 1965 Mustang

Contractor and Applicator: H & H Customs

Application: HVLP

  Flippin Arkansas, USA

  Rust Bullet AutomotiveBlackShell and Metal Blast

Project Description:

The undercarriage of this classic 1965 Mustang has been saved by the application of Rust Bullet Automotive and Rust Bullet BlackShell. Two coats of the Automotive Formula topped with two coats of Rust Bullet’s BlackShell has provided a UV resistant, chip resistant, scratch resistant and chemical resistant coating to protect this valuable Classic Muscle Car for many years to come. Here’s a simple “Recipe for Success” from Rust Bullet to you:

When applying Rust Bullet Automotive with an HVLP spray system, use a primer size tip approximately 2.0 – at about 60 psi. Make sure your surface is clean, dry and free of any loose dirt or debris. For those really dirty and rusty jobs, you may consider Rust Bullet Metal Blast for the surface preparation. You should be able to prep the surface, and apply two coats of Rust Bullet Automotive in one day and finish up with your gloss black Rust Bullet BlackShell Topcoat the very next day.

When applying Rust Bullet Automotive with a brush or close-nap roller, use the crosshatch method and keep a wet edge on your brush.

This entire project required the Rust Bullet Undercarriage Car Kit.

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