RUST BULLET Automotive – Six Shooter (six 1/4 pints)

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    Rust Bullet Automotive Six Shooter - With its innovative new packaging, offers you the ultimate convenience with NO WASTE! The Rust Bullet Automotive Six Shooter contains six-four ounce cans of Rust Bullet Automotive, enough to cover approximately 12 square feet per coat per individual can (72 square feet per coat, per package). The Six Shooter is handy for those smaller projects and touch-ups and allows you to open medium amounts of Rust Bullet as it is needed, providing you the ultimate convenience. Metallic Grey in color.

    Our Automotive Formula contains more metal and is a bit thinner than our Industrial Formula allowing for an easy application with HVLP automotive finishing guns, as well as brush or roller, and provides a smoother finish usually desired for automotive projects.

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    Weight 2.11 lbs
    Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in