This info-graphic titled ‘The Science Behind Rusting’ provides us an overview of industrial rusting.

Rust, a form of corrosion, is an ore of oxide. It is caused by a chemical change of action that affects masses of iron and steel. Once formation takes place, rust sets about eating away at the metal, forming an orange red flaky coating that weakens the iron. Due to the existence of water in the equation, rust is more likely to happen on metal that has not been shielded against moisture. This is the reason why metals left outdoors, like cars, gates, or tanks, are more likely to corrode. If any metal object is located in a humid indoors environment, like garage or basement, keep a note to install a dehumidifier.

Because rust spreads so quickly, it is all-important to remedy the rusted area. First Clean the area to remove any dirt, dust, debris, grease grime etc., with warm water and soap. Apply a metal cleaner and conditioner or other protective coating thereafter to forbid further oxidation. Allow to dry then, apply a new coat of rust paint to the area.

For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.

 [Infographic] The Science Behind Rusting