It’s official: Rust and corrosion are responsible for eating more than two and a half trillion (that’s with a capital T!) out of global economies.   That’s according to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE). Without a doubt, the twin menace (rust and corrosion) are a formidable enemy. And to battle them – and win! – we need to deploy some of the top rust inhibitor solutions that we have in our arsenals.

The Fight is On!

Closer to home, NACE estimates that these two foes combine forces to wipe out over $276 billion off the U.S. economy each year. What this means is that billions of dollars, otherwise earmarked for capacity expansion, productivity improvements or innovation, simply rust or corrode away from the economy without a trace! If business owners and industries want to get serious about clawing back that waste, it requires an earnest effort to launch the fight.

And, what do we have in our arsenal that will do battle with often silent killers of concrete and machinery? Plenty, actually:

  • Firstly, there’s the need to prevent atmospheric rust and corrosion, salt spray, high humidity, chemical fumes, abrasive matter, fingerprinting and fingerprint corrosion from attacking metal and metallic infrastructure
  • Then, you need to defend marine, commercial and industrial assets against moisture, dampness and rusting, with professional grade industrial-strength rust inhibitors
  • Given the emphasis on environment-friendly solutions, industrial strength, low volatile organic compound (VOC) solutions to fight rust and corrosion are the need of the hour. While fighting rusting on the one hand, these products do no damage to the planet – killing two birds in one shot!
  • Owners of large fleets of trucks and trailers need ammunition to fight rust build-up on their vehicles – especially in seldom seen areas, like the undercarriages and under the hood. Top coating that prevent rust on undercarriages are the perfect defense against an unseen enemy

In fact, top rust inhibitor solutions manufacturers have a product that addresses almost every type of rust or corrosion scenario. When used as part of a strategic preventive maintenance arsenal, these products stop rusting dead in its tracks. And by being proactive in the fight against corrosion and rusting, owners of industrial and commercial assets are sure to save millions of dollars in corrective maintenance, defect remediation and parts and component replacement.


Arming yourselves

Rust Bullet has pioneered in manufacturing top rust inhibitor solutions in all these categories. These solutions are not only ideal to proactively keep rust at bay, but because they are long-lasting, your industrial and commercial assets won’t require as frequent re-painting over their life. Chip-resistant and UV-ray resistant, these solutions withstand the harshest weather conditions – be that heat, cold, desert sands and howling winds.

And because of they are inhibitors of rust, they also extend the life of any assets to which you apply them. The best part of the Rust Bullet arsenal of rust inhibitors is that most of them are multi-modal products, which means you can brush, roll or spray them on with targeted precision.