If the lid on your Rust Bullet can is bulging or appears to be under pressure, or your can has dents, it could be due to a few reasons. The number one reason for both of these occurrences is due to transport. The lid can start to bulge when chemical reactions within the paint produces gases, especially when the can is stored in varying temperatures, which is quite common throughout the shipping process. The gas build up can create pressure inside the can, cause the lid to bulge. Likewise, exposure to high temperatures can cause the the air and volatile compounds inside the can to expand, leading to increased pressure against the lid. We include security clips or ring locks on all products over 1/4 pint size to ensure your lid does not comes off during transit.

All the cans we ship out are in perfect condition, and any dents that may be noticed when your package arrives, are due solely to damage from transit. We package all of our products with amble bubble wrap and/or paper to protect the product. Our cans are also rated to withstand impact and dents without compromising the integrity of the can. If the can is dented, but no product appears to be leaking, the can has done its job and protected the product, and it will be completely fine to use.

Steps to Safely Handle the Situation:

    • Be Cautious: When opening a bulging can, wear protective gear like gloves and safety glasses. Gases or liquids could spray out when the seal is broken. We recommend you cover the lid with a rag before opening to prevent any spray getting on you or your surroundings.


    • Release Pressure Slowly: When opening the can, do so slowly and carefully to allow any built-up pressure to release gradually. You can gently tap the edges of the lid with a mallet to help loosen it before trying to pry it open.