Rust Bullet for Concrete is an industrial strength moisture-cured urethane protective coating, specially formulated for concrete applications. This is our original concrete coating, and it provides phenomenal adhesion and durability. It uses an aluminum flake in the coating which provides overlapping protection and gives it its metallic grey color. This product cannot be pigmented due to this flake.

DuraGrade Concrete is our newest concrete coating and was introduced with the launch of our DuraGrade line of products. This coating uses a different resin than Rust Bullet for Concrete that allows the coating to be pigmented, while still providing unmatching durability. DuraGrade Concrete is a single-part protective coating that is low in VOCs and compliant in all 50 states, making it an environmentally responsible choice. This high-performance indoor & outdoor coating offers a durable and attractive finish for garage floors, basements, porches, patios, and more in multiple vibrant colors.

*NOTE: For these FAQs, both coatings will be referred to as Rust Bullet Concrete coatings unless a distinction between the two is relevant to the question. Unless otherwise noted, all answers are applicable to both Rust Bullet for Concrete and DuraGrade Concrete.