An epoxy primer is not an anti-corrosive coating and will not furnish the protection provided by urethanes such as Rust Bullet coatings. Urethane coatings provide a high degree of chemical and moisture resistance as well as excellent adhesive properties. Additionally Rust Bullet products have demonstrated high competition with epoxy coatings due to the ease of application, one-component product, and ease of repair, when necessary. A properly applied and cured Rust Bullet coating will not break like the epoxy and powder coatings. Although Rust Bullet coatings do not require a catalyst for curing like the Epoxy coatings, using the Rust Bullet Rapid Fire Accelerator will decrease curing time by up to 80%.

If an epoxy finish is desired, and the existing surface is an epoxy finish, scrape off any loose rust and epoxy coating, rough-up the remaining epoxy with 80-100 grit sandpaper prior to applying Rust Bullet, then re-apply the epoxy coating over the final coat of Rust Bullet.

NOTE: For best results, the surface should be prepared down to bare metal, removing as much of the existing failing coating as possible. Rust Bullet works best when it is in direct contact with rusted or clean metal.