While many methods to prevent rust and corrosion have been developed over time, they all have drawbacks and limitations. Some require intricate and skillful application in optimal conditions, while others are simple to apply yet not very effective or long-lasting.

Wanting to address this long-standing challenge, a team of researchers was assembled to find a solution. And after years of thorough testing, they successfully developed a rust control product that is both simple to use and more effective on both clean and rusty metal than other industrial coatings. This formula was introduced to the market under the name Rust Bullet, finally ending the search for an efficient and affordable rust inhibitor and treatment.

The best way to treat and prevent rust: Rust Bullet

Rust Bullet serves as a metal primer, rust treatment, and topcoat all in one product. It had received two unique patents from the US Patent & Trademark Office, a testament to its exceptional capabilities in controlling rust and corrosion.

Testing has shown that Rust Bullet is superior to other industrial coatings in the market and can be applied directly to both new and rusty metal and other materials like concrete, wood, and fiberglass.

The product is easy to use, as it’s a single component without the need for mixing and requires minimal preparation, reducing the time and cost of application.

Rust Bullet has been certified by the EPA as meeting primary and secondary drinking water standards. It offers excellent resistance against UV light, scratches, chips, and chemicals. It can effectively contain mold, too.

Additionally, Rust Bullet has passed the ASTM E84-04 test for fire-retardant coatings. It is also a more environmentally friendly option as it contains no lead, zinc, acids, or heavy metals. And because it has excellent resistance to weather conditions in all climates and underwater environments, it is commonly specified by architects, engineers, and surveyors for rust and corrosion control in various structures, machinery, and industries, including industrial, marine, and agricultural applications.