Concrete is a frequently used material in modern construction because of its durability, versatility, strength, and overall performance. However, if left unprotected, it becomes vulnerable to damage caused by wear and tear over time. This can also affect the reinforcement of concrete structures, leading to potential structural issues. To prevent these issues, it is essential to apply a high-quality concrete floor coating like Rust Bullet Concrete.

Rust Bullet Concrete—along with variants like DuraGrade Concrete and DuraGrade Ultra-Low VOC—are protective polyurethane coatings designed specifically for concrete applications. Unlike two-part epoxy coatings, Rust Bullet Concrete eliminates the need for mixing ratios and extensive preparation work. It can be directly used from the can and applied with a brush, spray equipment, or roller.

The coating adheres excellently to concrete surfaces without requiring a base coat, primer, or topcoat. Moreover, it provides exceptional resistance against chips, chemicals, UV rays, and scratches, ensuring long-lasting and durable protection for the concrete surface.

For great-looking floors

Do you need your concrete floors in specific colors? That is easier to achieve with our concrete floor coating. Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete comes in 18 standard colors, but you can request a custom order, too. Get DuraGrade Concrete in a Custom Color Gallon or a Custom 5-Gallon Paint. A Custom Color Quart is also available for a minimum 1-gallon order.

If you like the look of plain concrete floors, DuraGrade Clear is the ideal coating for you. It offers a water-clear finish with just the right amount of gloss, enhancing the beauty of your concrete surface. Additionally, this coating is rust-inhibitive, providing protection against rust formation.

Another benefit of DuraGrade Clear is its low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content, with only 49 g/l of VOCs. This makes it compliant with VOC regulations in most states, ensuring it meets environmental standards.

DuraGrade Clear is not only great on its own but also works as a perfect finish and topcoat for our Color Flakes, adding vibrant and attractive color to your concrete floor. Moreover, it can be used as the final coat in combination with Tread-Tex to create an anti-skid finish, improving safety in areas where slip resistance is essential.

Make your concrete floors better.

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