When Rust Bullet is applied over rusted metal it penetrates the substrate, dehydrates the rust, until reaching the metal. This allows the resin to become intertwined with the rust, then becomes part of the coating and solidifies into an armor tough coating with phenomenal adhesion.

Use our Patented Formula to stop rust on Industrial, Commercial, Marine, and Home & Farm Applications. Our industrial low VOC is a high performance rust inhibitor that delivers industry leading performance that delivers both exceptional performance and VOC compliance in all 50 states and districts.

We are so confident that you will love our products that we have not only provided a video library and basic ‘how-to’ guide on how to apply our product, but we also have documented case studies and favorite projects that truly show our products’ ability.

The best part about our products? They are Low V.O.C. It doesn’t matter how many years after the application of the paint in question is applied, paints and finishes can release low level toxic emissions into the air. The source for these toxins is a variety of volatile organic compounds, or ‘V.O.C.s.’ VOCs are found in many building materials and are the reason you smell that ‘new paint smell’ when walking by construction sites, auto shops, etc.

If you accidentally inhale VOCs, these harmful chemicals can contribute to several health problems, including but not limited to, irritation to your airways, headaches, nausea, and even damage to the liver, kidneys, or central nervous system. Rust Bullet is proud to create a product that is not only the only one of of its kind, stopping rust in its tracks and reversing the harmful process of rust, but our products have one of the lowest V.O.C.s on the market.


  • Rust Bullet Products contain no lead, no zinc, no chromates, & no heavy metals.
  • Rust Bullet Products meet and exceed the EPA Standards for Potable Water.
  • Rust Bullet Products are a mold encapsulate.
  • Rust Bullet Products out perform most fire‐retardant coatings.
  • Rust Bullet Products are UV Resistant, chip resistant, scratch resistant & chemical resistant.
  • Rust Bullet Products are a one‐step, multiple coat process.
  • Rust Bullet Products come with a 10‐Year Guarantee.

Designed to withstand even the harshest challenges Rust Bullet formulas can tackle any weather, abrasions, chemicals, and more. Not only does Rust Bullet provide superior quality and durability, Rust Bullet can be found at an affordable cost compared to similar options. Don’t waste your money on powder coatings, apply Rust Bullet and save money for years to come.

If you are ready to stop Rust for good, contact Rust Bullet today and let us help you find the perfect product for you project.