Your home’s exterior can significantly impact your property’s overall value and appeal. But many homeowners tend to take their roof for granted, leaving it bare or painted in a basic color. They don’t realize that metal roof paint can make all the difference in their home’s curb appeal. So if you’re looking to make some simple and cost-effective improvements, you might want to focus on picking the right coatings for your metal roof here at Rust Bullet.

Boosting a home’s curb appeal means improving its exterior visual appeal. Usually, homeowners focus on the entrance and front yard to make their house more attractive, especially when they are trying to sell it. But you can also improve curb appeal by painting your metal roof. At Rust Bullet, we have specially made metal roof paint that can help your house stand out in your neighborhood while offering superior rust protection.

Rust Bullet Industrial is our professional-grade rust inhibitor coating with an industrial-strength and US-patented formulation. It will protect your metal roof from corrosion and rust while reinforcing its strength and weather resistance. With our solution, you can avoid costly roof repairs and replacements.

Easy to Apply

Rust Bullet is the best coating for any metal roof. We recommend using a roller or an airless spray system for an effortless and quick application that allows our metal roof paint and rust inhibitor to spread easily. Choose a 3000 PSI 517 to 523 tip, and apply a minimum of 2 coats – depending on your desired dry film thickness. As you add more coats, Rust Bullet will keep increasing the durability and strength of your metal roof.

More Benefits with Rust Bullet

Rust Bullet is not just a protective and aesthetically pleasing coating for metal roofs. It will keep your home and surroundings safe! Our formula is free of zinc, lead, heavy metals, and chromates and works as a mold encapsulate. Plus, it outperforms other fire-retardant coatings. We also have an Industrial Low VOC formula that passes all VOC standards.

Beautify and Protect Your Metal Roof with Rust Bullet

We’re ready to supply you with the best metal roof paint! Just browse our products and order here. If you need help, you can always contact us.