Any metal exposed to the elements or harsh environments will rust and corrode. Once corrosion starts, metallic systems or parts start degrading and can pose risks. So, it makes sense to invest in solutions to prevent that from happening in the first place or at least slow down the process. Finding easy-to-use products to prevent rust can be challenging, but once you discover the best product, you can minimize the impact of corrosion on your assets.

What is the best product to prevent rust?

Corrosion or rust inhibitors are best for prevention. Typically, they are formulated with acids or water in specific concentrations to create a coating or film on the surface of the metal to act as an inhibitor.

Different rust inhibitors are available today, and each has unique factors and applications you should consider to make an informed choice. Here is a guide to help you with that.

Consider your needs

Check the type of metals or materials your systems or equipment have and their probability of corrosion. You should also address the weather conditions, exposure to extreme temperatures and external environment, and how much of your systems are constantly in contact with humans.

Know the options

Various easy-to-use products to prevent rust may be more effective on specific environments and surfaces. However, they all serve the same purpose, and that is to minimize the risk of corrosion. The commonly used ones are anodic, cathodic, mixed, and urethane rust inhibitors.

Go environmentally friendly

Consider a product without lead, chromates, zinc, or heavy metals, and ensure it meets and exceeds EPA Standards for Potable Water. It should also have minimal VOCs and meets the California VOC Standards.

Know the preparation and application requirements

Easy-to-use products to prevent rust require minimal to no surface preparation. Moisture cure urethane rust inhibitors utilize natural elements to cure without needing artificial heat or activators. They have a self-inspecting feature that lets you verify correct or incorrect application or surface prep problems. You can immediately inspect them after application and remedy any issues sooner.