Rust is the result of water and oxygen exposure and typically affects iron and related alloys like steel. If you want to avoid rust-related problems,you’ll need specially formulated coatings and anti-rust solutions like rust inhibitor paint.

What you need to know about rust inhibitor paint

As the name suggests, rust inhibitors slow down the oxidation process that occurs in metals. They help increase the longevity of easily corroded materials, even after exposure to oxygen and water.

Rust inhibitors can generally be applied on any metal surface, including car parts, power tools, locks and hinges, fences, and boat components to name a few.Some rust prevention products can also be sprayed, rolled, or brushed over steel assets without needing a primer or topcoat.

In addition, if you are painting over a surface that already has signs of rust or corrosion, here are a few tips to help you start:

  • Check for damages

Rust is more than just an aesthetic issue. In fact, too much of it can damage metal to the point of no return, decreasing its structural integrity. So before you paint over a rusted material, check for any signs of damage. If you notice that the rusted area is malleable, perhaps it’s best to replace the whole part.

  • Scrape off excess rust

What if the rust damage to your metal is not that bad? Then, remove the excess rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. Otherwise, your paint will stick to an uneven surface, increasing the risk of failure of the coating.

To ensure the area is clean, don’t forget to rinse it with a degreaser or warm water and a rag, and get rid of excess grime and grease after swiping it with a wire brush.  Make sure the substrate is wiped down and completely dry before coating.

  • Use a high-quality rust inhibitor.

Finally, make sure you invest in high-quality inhibitor paint for the best results. Leading brands offer reliable products featuring properties like UV resistance and scratch and chip resistance, ensuring that your new project lasts for several years.

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