Concrete floor coating can provide an extra layer to your concrete flooring; increasing its strength and durability. Despite concrete being a sturdy material on its own, applying the right floor coating can further enhance its durability.

Rust Bullet Concrete Coatings are one of the best concrete floor coating products available today. This product is perfect for all your concrete floor coating requirements, including garages, pathways, patios, and more.

Better than epoxy

So, why should you choose Rust Bullet over traditional epoxy? It’s simple: while most epoxies require temperatures higher than 50°F to work properly, Rust Bullet can cure in cool environments of as low as 32°F. This makes it a much more versatile choice for many applications.

Rust Bullet is a neat and simple one-step, multiple-coat system that eliminates all hassles of mixing ratios. It’s ready to use the moment you open the container. Rust Bullet cures after just 72 hours once applied, whereas epoxy coatings generally take up to 10 days for full curing.

Compared to epoxy coating, the preparation required for using Rust Bullet is much simpler. To use an epoxy coating, the surface pH must be neutral, which requires acid etching. The surface must also have a rough texture, requiring grinding for all applications. In comparison, Rust Bullet only requires a slightly textured surface.

Furthermore, repairing breaches in an epoxy coating is a complicated and time-consuming process, as it often requires fixing a large area around the breach. On the other hand, breaches in Rust Bullet Coatings are uncommon and can be easily repaired by simply roughing up the affected area and applying additional coats of Rust Bullet.

Invest in Rust Bullet Concrete Coatings today to ensure long-lasting protection of your concrete flooring. Depending on the application method used and the porosity of the substratum or concrete surface area, you can expect to cover around 300-400 square feet per gallon with each coat applied. It’s recommended that a minimum of two coats should be applied for optimal performance.