The most accurate way to measure dry film thickness (DFT) is to use a DFT gauge. Apply an appropriate number of coats to achieve the desired DFT for the appropriate protection for your project. Immediately after application, measure the wet film thickness (WFT) with a WFT gauge to ensure it falls within the target range, which can be converted to DFT using the formula: WFT=DFT×(100/Solids Content). Rust Bullet coatings are 70% solids by volume, so WTF=DFT×1.43. After the coating has dried, use a DFT gauge to measure the thickness at multiple points across the surface to confirm uniform coverage and adherence to the specified DFT.

Theoretical coverage does not consider transfer efficiency which will vary dependent upon application equipment, applicator, and atmospheric conditions during application. The number of coats needed to achieve the appropriate DFT will depend on the chosen method of application: brush, roller, HVLP Spray System or Airless Spray System.