Rust is the number one enemy of metallic objects, including automotive, farm equipment, factory plant and machinery, and parts and accessories. But it also takes a toll on concrete structures, like walls, floors, bridges and roads. Like a stubborn bout of the flu though, it’s often costly to dislodge rust or treat it’s after affects.  In desperation, people may turn to light paints and varnishes – but that just won’t cut it.

Only the top paints for rust prevention will do the job. So, lets peek at some of them.

Rust Bullet Metal Jacket

Do you have machinery and equipment that’s used in highly rust-attracting environments, such as the outdoors, in rain or snow, or in humid conditions? Well, you need a paint that protects them against atmospheric rust and corrosion, salt spray, high humidity, chemical fumes, abrasive matter, fingerprinting and fingerprint corrosion. And that’s a job that Rust Bullet Metal Jacket does well.

Capable of operating exceptionally well in extreme temperatures, -40˚F to +125˚F, this paint creates a non-greasy, non-dirt collecting, dust retardant, continuous flexible film that won’t crack, peel or flake. And the best thing about it is that it is easily removable, using Rust Bullet Solvent, once it’s no longer required.


Rust Bullet Industrial Low VOC

Industrial painting projects typically have higher requirements than residential or many commercial applications. That’s because the target applicants, industrial plant and machinery and other heavy-duty infrastructure, see more wear and tear than assets in other sectors. The top paints for rust prevention in such settings therefore have a much higher performance bar to cross.

  • They require ease of handling, including prep and drying time
  • Application should be easy – ideally with little or no surface prep
  • They must be compliant with industrial environmental protection regulations

Rust Bullet Industrial Low VOC is a professional grade, industrial strength paint that checks all the boxes…and more! Compliant with EPA laws in all 50 states and districts, this is a single-product application, which means no primers, thinners or adhesive coatings necessary. Coupled with its UV and chip-resistant qualities, it offers exceptional rust prevention capabilities at a low cost.

Rust Bullet DuraGrade Clear

Sometimes, it’s not just about re-painting a surface, but more about protecting an existing asset in its current form, but also delivering an added layer of rust and corrosion protection to it. When there’s need for such an application, no other product on the market today comes close to the functionality that Rust Bullet DuraGrade Clear offers.

The water-clear, gloss finish coating can easily be applied directly to any assets, whether they are wooden, metallic or made from concrete. You can use it as a stand-alone paint coating on rusted or rusting assets requiring rust protection. Or simply use it as a top coat for any existing assets. Its superior adhesion qualities deliver long-lasting corrosion and rust protection for many years. That’s why it ranks as one of the top paints for rust prevention in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

And, if you want to add an extra bit of bling to the application, pair Rust Bullet DuraGrade Clear with decorative flakes to give any concrete floor an out-of-this-world look.