Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials


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The Scope

Omega Point Laboratories is a nationally recognized, independent testing laboratory specializing in the performance characteristics of building materials and systems. Established in 1985, Omega Point Laboratories, Inc. is an independent, privately owned company incorporated in the state of Texas. It is devoted to engineering; inspection; quality assurance; and testing of building materials, products, and assemblies.

ASTM E84-04
The ASTM E84-04 (25 foot tunnel) test method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials is a method for determining the comparative surface burning behavior of building materials. The purpose of the method is to determine the relative burning behavior of the material by observing the flame spread along the specimen. The Steiner Tunnel is probably the most widely used fire test apparatus in North America. It has many different names and test designations associated with it, and is also used for testing a wide array of materials.

Test Specimen Flame Spread Index Smoke Developed Index
Mineral Fiber Cement Board 0 0
Red Oak Flooring 100 90
Rust Bullet® Rust Inhibitive Coating 0 0