USN – LCS 102 WWII Amphibious Gunboat


Project Information:

Project Name: USN – LCS 102 WWII Amphibious Gunboat

Contractor and Applicator: Ted J. Welch


  Rust Bullet Standard

  February 22, 2011

Project Description:

Dear Gentlemen,

As longtime automotive restore, I’ve used many products advertised to convert and combat rust. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with Rust Bullet Product.

Recently, I have joined the efforts to help preserve the LCS 102, the last surviving amphibious gunboat produced in the closing year of World War II. I don’t need to explain to you the type of rust encountered in Marine applications, however with 66 years of age, the LCS 102 has a lot of it.

Recently, I was able to apply the Rust Bullet product to some exterior mounts which seem to rust overnight regardless of attempts to maintain it. After using Rust Bullet to lock down the steel structure and then encapsulate the rust, the corrosion issues have ceased. It’s nice to buy something that works and not have to gamble on the outcome.

As the LCS 102 is a Museum ship and relies on donations, making those dollar stretch are most important. Well done!

Best regards,
Ted J Welch
Managing Editor,