Dreaming Creek Timber Frame Homes


Project Information:

Project Name: Dreaming Creek Timber Frame Homes

Contractor and Applicator: Mike Gaudreau

Application Type: Spray, Roll, Brush

  Powhatan, Virgnia, USA

  Rust Bullet Standard

Project Description:

We have used Rust Bullet for countless projects at Dreaming Creek Timber Frame Homes. Our production facility has hundreds of 2″ diameter rolls that transport green White oak timbers daily. The acid in White Oak can rust any metal within minutes. We are now on year five and our rolls show no sign of giving in to rust. We also have completely coated a fire tower and a water tower with Rust Bullet. My next project now is 200 Ft. of Wrought Iron (mild Steel really)outdoor railings. The steel will be new material and welded product. Thanks again for Rust Bullet.