DuraGrade Color – Custom Color

DuraGrade Color – Metallic Gray

DuraGrade Color – Purple

DuraGrade Color – Orange

DuraGrade Color – Yellow

DuraGrade Color – Blue

DuraGrade Color – Green

DuraGrade Color – Red

DuraGrade Color – White

DuraGrade Color – Black

Rust Bullet Industrial

Rust Bullet Industrial Low VOC

Rust Bullet Automotive

Automotive Low VOC

Undercarriage Car Kit – Topcoat

6 Quart Combo – Industrial Topcoat

Undercarriage Truck Kit – Topcoat

Coarse Grit Sanding Sponge

Paint Spout Extenders

Nitrile Gloves (Disposable)

Duragrade Clear

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Wine Red

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Orange


Rust Bullet for Concrete

Clear Shot



DuraGrade CONCRETE – Red

DuraGrade CONCRETE – White

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Yellow

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Beige

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Butterscotch

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Pistachio

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Emerald Green

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Turquoise

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Light Blue

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Blue

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Lilac

Metal Blast

Metal Jacket

Rapid Fire Accelerator

CHLOR*RID® – Soluble Salt Remover

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Light Grey

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Concrete Grey

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Storm Grey

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Slate Grey

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Jet Black

DuraGrade CONCRETE – Custom Color

DuraGrade CONCRETE Ultra Low VOC – Grey Aluminum


CHLOR*TEST – Field Testing for Chlorides, Box of 5 Tests

Rust Bullet Color Flakes – Autumn Brown Blend

Rust Bullet Color Flakes – Desert Sand Blend

Rust Bullet Color Flakes – Black Marble Blend

Rust Bullet Color Flakes – Midnight Blend

Rust Bullet Color Flakes – Electric Blue Blend

DuraGrade Clear – Gallon/CS 4×1



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6 Quart Combo

Rust Bullet WhiteShell

Rust Bullet BlackShell

Chlor*Rid & Chlor*Test

Garage Floor Coating 101


Por 15 vs. Rust Bullet

Yeongjong Grand Bridge, South Korea

DuraGrade Concrete Ultra Low VOC

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DuraGrade Concrete

Color Flakes By Rust Bullet

Rust Bullet Products

DuraGrade Clear


Automotive Low VOC



Rust Bullet Rapid Fire

Rust Bullet Metal Jacket

Rust Bullet Metal Blast

Rust Bullet Topcoats

Rust Bullet Concrete

Rust Bullet Industrial

Concrete Applications

Automotive Applications

Marine Applications

Industrial Low VOC

Customer Reviews

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Industrial Applications

Shuffleboard Concrete Floor Application

ProPLUS Introduction

Saving the Yeongjong Bridge




How Rust Bullet Preserves

Rust Bullet for Marine

Rust Bullet for Concrete

Rust Bullet Home and Farm Uses

Rust Bullet Industrial Uses – The Most Effective Industrial Coating

Automotive test2

Rust Bullet Automotive – Rust Removal & Protective Coatings for Cars

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Restoration of the MV Doulos Phos

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Rust Bullet for Concrete 5 Year Warranty

Rust Inhibitor 10 Year Warranty

1973 Bronco Chassis

The Komposition White Room

Full Broadcast Garage Floor

Coatings Pro Magazine – September 2004

A Long Lasting Garage Floor Paint you Haven’t Heard Of

Chemical Processing Story – November 2013

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