Rust Bullet for Marine

rust bullet for marine uses

Rust Bullet Coatings will perform like a lifeguard for ships, docks, seawalls, bridges and ocean-front structures. To demonstrate Rust Bullet’s ability to withstand the harsh marine environment, Rust Bullet was subjected to The Seawater Spray (Fog) Chamber Test, ASTM B117. This Salt Water Spray Test is considered to be the toughest weathering test that a coating can undergo.

Rust Bullet was tested according to the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standards and the more stringent specifications of the United States Navy. Rust Bullet outperformed the market leaders in rust and corrosion control products.

As Rust Bullet kills rust, protects against future corrosive invasions, adds strength and longevity to virtually all substrates, there exists a wide variety of applications for Rust Bullet Products in the harsh marine environment. Rust Bullet will provide protection to the exterior and interior of both above and below waterline surfaces against corrosion, wear, and abrasion.

Rust Bullet provides durable surface protection from physical abuse, thermal shock, chemical exposure, and UV light. Surfaces coated with Rust Bullet are provided with phenomenal protection against the abrasive salt water atmosphere found in the marine environment.

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Project Description

“Where I used Rust Bullet, my rust maintenance has gone from frequent to none” – Captain Bob Perkins


The Landfall is a 26 year old, Steel Hull, 43’ Pilothouse Trawler. Captain Bob Perkins took possession of the Landfall in Daytona Beach in 2004 after a series of 3 hurricanes hit the Florida Coast that season. Following a leisure trek northward, The Landfall’s new mooring was approximately 1.5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean in the brackish waters of the Merrimac River in Massachusetts. In October of 2006, she was again on the move, this time to the seawaters of Hampton Harbor, New Hampshire.

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Project Description

Rust Bullet is applied to Tugboats saving thousands of dollars is costly replacements, and putting them back into use.

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