ProPLUS Introduction

Rust Bullet is happy to announce the launch of a brand new product. A product that no one in the industry has been able to formulate. Our new product is Rust Bullet ProPLUS.

ProPLUS is a low VOC rust inhibitive coating. We know what you’re thinking. Yeah right, Low VOC products don’t work. Well, that’s exactly how we are changing the game. It really does work! And very well at that! ProPLUS still has the same rust inhibitive qualities as the Rust Bullet Standard and the Rust Bullet Automotive formulas that we all know and love, only now we are doing our part to help the environment. We always have done our part with introducing rust inhibitors that contain no lead, chromates or heavy metals in our formulation. ProPLUS takes it one step further. Air Quality Management Districts have been asking for cleaner solutions to reduce pollution and damage to the ozone layer. Most conforming solutions are water based and low performing. We are pleased to deliver a one component, 97 VOC g/l solution that delivers industry leading performance that is compliant in all 50 states and districts. Even California!

Here are some more key attributes:

    • Outstanding adhesion
    • Excellent resistance to abrasion
    • 97 g/l VOC – 50 states and South Coast Air Quality Management District compliant
    • Long lasting corrosion protection
    • Scratch, chip, chemical and UV resistant
    • Top coat is not required
    • Little to no surface preparation required
    • Consumer friendly pricing at $89 / gallon and $26.99 / quart
    • Available directly from Rust Bullet and at
    • Patent Pending

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