Wetalla Sewerage Treatment Plant Clarifier


Project Information:

Project Name: Wetalla Sewerage Treatment Plant Clarifier

Contractor and Applicator: McBerns Pty Ltd & Protective Coating

Project Size: 46m x 144m in circumference

  Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

  Rust Bullet Standard & WhiteShell

  May 2012

Project Description:

McBerns was commissioned to refurbish a Sewerage Treatment Clarifier Launder, in Toowoomba S.E..Queensland. It was constructed and commissioned in 2006. The coating covering the concrete launder surface had deteriorated and was in serious need of repair. We introduced Rust Bullet to the Water Authority who were keen to put it to the test. Re-surfacing with Rust Bullet took place in May 2012.

The structure was a concrete clarifier launder 46metres(50.3yards) in diameter and 144metres(158yards) in circumference. Firstly we prepared by having the Clarifier taken out of service a week before. We emptied the Launder and cleaned the surface by water blasting thoroughly any loose paint, algae or dirt. The site was left for approx 7 days, this was to ensure that the concrete had completely dried out. As an extra precaution we also used a heat blower to dry off any moisture from morning dew and overnight showers..

Two coats of Rust Bullet Industrial were applied by brush & rollers. The following day 2 coats of Rust Bullet Whiteshell Topcoat were applied. Five days later the coating had cured the Clarifier was brought back into commission.

The refurbishment took 2 weeks from decommission to recommissioning, without any weather events to hold up our progress.

The contract was commissioned and completed in May 2012 and is now operating at full capacity. The Rust Bullet Surface is holding up well and is resisting algae build up.