Sithe – Power Generation & Gas Turbine Air Inlet Plenum


Project Information:

Project Name: Sithe – Power Generation & Gas Turbine Air Inlet Plenum

Contractor and Applicator: Hydrodynamics Associated, San Diego, CA

Application: Commercial Sprayer

  San Diego Bay, CA, USA

  Rust Bullet Standard


Project Description:

December 2011 Update –
RE: Sithe Energy, Periodic Inspection

Hydrodynamics is a great champion of Rust Bullet Coatings. We have been a licensed coating contractor in the State of California for over 40 years. Hydrodynamics performs work in the maritime, bridge, piers, wastewater, and portable water industry to include power generation.

Hydrodynamics has found many uses for Rust Bullet. Moisture cured, metal filled urethanes have some of the most tenacious bonding chemistry known. Hydrodynamics used Rust Bullet as a primer to ensure the chemically resistant or abrasive resistant over coats would become nobler and stay in place, better than with other primer systems. In 2004, Hydrodynamics applied two 4 mil coats of Rust Bullet over a sandblasted, near white metal surface with a two to three mil blast profile and over-coated the Rust Bullet with 8 to 10 mils of a high solids Novalac epoxy. We have recoated the epoxy two years ago by scuff sanding with 80 grit paper, the rust bullet primer is still solid and in place. This gas turbine generator runs 24-7 in a salt-water environment. Good stuff. Hydrodynamics has used Rust Bullet as a primer to coat large banks of chiller condensate pans that were very corroded and could only receive power tool cleaning, two coats over firm rusted and galvanized surfaces. After five years, very little corrosion was noted; the repairs were made by power tool cleaning and touch up. Hydrodynamics has converted some of our customer maintenance staffs to become big believers of in the use of Rust Bullet for corrosion control programs.

Brice Westphall

2007 Update
Over the past 9 years Hydrodynamics Associated has used Rust Bullet Products on over 20 projects that are in direct contact with high salt air exposure, sun light and atmospheric contamination.

In some instances two – three coats of Rust Bullet Products were applied on different substrates including bare metal, steel pipe and concrete pipe without a topcoat application. Such was the case at the Sithe Energy Power Generation and the Gasturbine Air Inlet Plenum at two power plants that are located within 200 yards of San Diego Bay. The re-coating projects were completed in 2004 and are inspected one to two times per year. Both coating installations are performing excellent, with no visible signs of surface degradation. Rust Bullet has a quick cure, tenacious bond to most substrates as well as to other coatings and has a low perm rate. Hydrodynamics is very pleased with Rust Bullet’s high performance coating systems.

Brice Westphall
Hydrodynamics Associated