Refurbish Pipe Work at Water Reservoir


Project Information:

Project Name: Refurbish Pipe Work at Water Reservoir

Contractor and Applicator: McBerns Pty Ltd & Protective Coating

Project Duration: 2 Days with no interruption in water service

  Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

  Rust Bullet Standard & WhiteShell

  May 2012

Project Description:

McBerns was commissioned to refurbish pipe work at a Water reservoir on the Sunshine Coast. The coating was flaking and rust was coming through from under the original coating.

The site equipment was a series of large water pipes with valves and pumps that are located in a pit at the side the reservoir storage. It needed to be high pressure water cleaned to remove all loose and flaking paint or rust. The rusted areas were treated with Rust Bullet Metal Blast and washed off to prepare the surface for painting. Once completely dry 2 coats of Rust Bullet Industrial were applied to the pipes and valves, with a final 2 coats of Rust Bullet BlackShell was applied 24 hours later.

The job was completed in 2 days without disrupting the water supply.

The advantage in using Rust Bullet Products is that there is very little surface preparation and it is a one product protective coating. No messy mixing and it can be painted over rust. The Rust Bullet destroys the rust with it’s patented technology by penetrating through the rust to the base metal removing any residue moisture and rust. Sealing off the surface preventing air and moisture from reaching the treated metal.

Rust Bullet dries to an extremely tough, UV protective coating with excellent lasting qualities.