Project Information:

Project Name: Shuffleboard on a Concrete Floor

Applicator: Hershel Thurmond

Application: Roller

  Alabama, USA

  Rust Bullet for ConcreteWhiteShell, ColorShell Green & Clear Coat for Concrete


Project Description:

Mr. Thurmond used the Rust Bullet for Concrete as the base coats, applied the ColorShell Green and WhiteShell for the shuffleboard, and followed up with Clear Coat for Concrete. He has done an absolutely great job. Mr. Thurmond has been using Rust Bullet Products for a couple of years now. He has chosen to share his experience and thoughts about our product. Everything here in the page is quoted directly on separate occasions. This is one of the most creative concrete applications we have seen. Amazing!

“I have finished the barn floor with the shuffleboard court painted. It turned out very professional and I’ll send you some pictures worthy of putting in your web site as soon as I get my lighting installed. We did the wiring last weekend but I’ll be about two more weeks. The floor had three coats of the RB concrete then the court itself is Rust Bullet green and the outline and lettering is Rust Bullet white. I then put two coats of clear over the entire floor. Everything is Rust Bullet. Everyone is amazed. This is a 1200 sq. foot application so it really took some hard scheduling to pull this off. I ended up having to sand the gray Rust Bullet as the weather caught me and I couldn’t re-coat with the clear. And by the way slipping is not an issue without the nonskid in the clear. I guess it is because the floor was so rough and is still not really smooth but much better after grinding it so that worked out well.

“Here are some pictures I took right after finishing my barn floor. I had to grind the floor as it was really rough. It had three coats of Rust Bullet concrete, the green is two coats of Rust Bullet and the white is two coats of Rust Bullet. The entire floor is top coated with two coats of Rust Bullet clear. It turned out quite well I think considering the oil soaked broom finish condition of the floor. I was going to wait until I finished painting the interior but I can send more pictures later. It was tricky getting all that paint down within the re-coat window and did have to sand the Rust Bullet concrete before painting the shuffleboard court. After that I got all the re-coats on without sanding including the clear. The area is 1200 sq. ft.

“The coating applied and performed exactly per the Rust Bullet application data. The 20 year old concrete was dirty, very rough and oil soaked from farm machinery oil leaks. The surface was cleaned, degreased, the surface ground and then pressure washed. The cleaning followed the application directions explicitly due to the unusual condition. The surface had three coats of Rust Bullet concrete followed by two coats of Rust Bullet clear. There has not been any coating failure observed as of the last application today. This is my third application of Rust Bullet products to concrete. This was the worst possible conditions to use the product on a concrete surface. So far I am absolutely amazed at the ability of the Rust Bullet to adhere to the surface. It has been a very good product correctly applied.”

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