Project Information:

Project Name: Restoration of the MV Doulos Phos

Contractor and Applicator: PT National Energy Solutions

Application: Airless Spray

Batam, Indonesia

Rust Bullet Industrial


Project Description:

The ship currently known as the MV Doulos Phos held the record of being the world’s oldest active ocean-faring passenger ship until 2009, having plied the world’s oceans from the time of her building in 1914 until being retired from cruising service at the end of 2009.The ship has previously been known as the SS Medina, the SS Roma, the MV Franca C, and the MV Doulos.

The Medina was built in 1914 by Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company for the Mallory Steamship Company of the United States. She was a freighter serving the Atlantic; during World War II, serving with the United States Coast Guard. The Panamanian company Naviera San Miguel SA acquired the Medina in 1948 and renamed the ship the Roma, and converted her into a passenger ship. In 1952, Naviera San Miguel sold the Roma to Linea Costa, an Italian company. At this time the SS Roma, a steamship, was converted into a motor vessel and renamed the MV Franca C. n 1977, Gute Bücher für Alle acquired the Franca C, and renamed her the Doulos (Greek for ‘servant’). The ship was transformed into a floating bookshop with an aim of “Bringing Knowledge, Help and Hope”. Her first director was George Miley (1977–1978), followed by Dale Rhoton (1978–1981). Under Gute Bücher für Alle ownership, she was manned by a volunteer crew and made sea port visits worldwide, delivering aid and subsidized literature. The Doulos ended her final cruise in late 2009 at Singapore, with the ship being handed over to her new owners in 2010.

That’s where Rust Bullet plays its part in preserving history. She will be renamed Doulos Phos, or Servant Light. In September 2013, the ship was towed out of Singapore to Batam, Indonesia, to be refurbished before moving to the Island of Bintan to become part of a US$25 million hotel resort. Rust Bullet has been applied to the outer hull protecting and preserving this historic vessel for future generations.

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