Project Information:

Project Name: Military, Commercial & Industrial Vehicles

Contractor and Applicator: Liquid Finish

Application: Turbo Spray HVLP

International, Location Classified

Rust Bullet Standard & Rust Bullet WhiteShell

4 Days / 2 Man Crew

Project Description:

All Corrosion costs are classified as either corrective or preventive.
Correction costs are incurred when removing an existing nonconformity or defect. Corrective actions address actual problems. Preventive costs involve steps taken to remove the causes of potential nonconformities or defects. Preventive actions address the possible future problems. Historically it has been more expensive to fix a problem than to prevent a problem and it is very possible to overspend on preventive measures. This is no longer a truism. Rust Bullet provides BOTH corrective and preventive measures in one product, one step that will reduce the cost in both materials and labor.

“We’ve done some onsite treatments in the past for Client Services and tried to push application of the product during the production phase as opposed to applying the product after the trucks have already started rusting. This is the best method of prevention”.

Program Manager-Client Services

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