Project Information:

Project Name: P & B Metal Roof

Contractor and Applicator: Powers Incorporated

Application: Airless Spray / 3000 PSI / 2 Guns

Substrate & Size: 48,000 sf / Galvanized Metal Roof

  Decatur, Indiana, USA

  Rust Bullet Industrial

Project Description:

A 48,000 sf galvanized metal roof, badly in need of repair or replacement due to Stage 3 and 4 Corrosion was coated with Rust Bullet Standard Formula. Powers Incorporated completed the job using a three man crew and applying 12 mil dft in a two coat application the entire project was completed, including prep and cleanup in five days. Choosing a Rust Bullet repair over replacement provided an initial savings to the customer of over $300,000. The future benefits of a long lasting protective coating will be a continued savings on repair and replacement for many years to come.

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