Dog Grooming Project with DuraGrade Concrete

DuraGrade Concrete - Dog Grooming After

Project Information:

Name: Dog Grooming Shop

Applicator: Kristy A – Cottage Grove Professional Grooming, Inc.

Application: Roller

Location: Oregon, USA


Kristy owns a pet grooming salon in Oregon. She wanted something strong and durable, something that will not be affected by urine and is scratch resistant. Well, she found just what she was looking for in DuraGrade Concrete.


“My salon has been in need of a new coating for awhile. Being an owner of a dog grooming business I needed something durable and long lasting. I didn’t want to have to do this over and over again. Duragrade has seemed to fulfill every one of my needs. Its strong and it hold ups to the animals “oopsies”, when many other paints would not. That in particular is very important. In fact, it makes it easier to clean up. Preparation was simple enough, Especially since it doesn’t require acid etch. I didn’t like the sound of that. Just simply needed to get some scratches onto the floor. Anyone can do it, not just a professional. I did a lot of research and most other floor paints required so much more. DuraGrade was so simple. Ive also noticed that it doesn’t scratch at all from he animals claws. I’ve never had a paint (on anything) that doesn’t scratch!  Don’t let me get started on the color! It’s beautiful! It makes my shop pop! I am so happy.” – Kristy A