A cleaner and conditioner for metal that removes rust, grease, and contaminants allowing a superior bond to surfaces that have minimal or poor adhesive qualities. Metal Blast removes surface rust and properly etches metal for better paint adhesion. Metal Blast enhances the adhesive properties of coatings on any metal surface including aluminum and shiny polished metal. Metal Blast creates an ideal anchor pattern to surfaces allowing superior adhesion of all Rust Bullet Coatings. Metal Blast dissolves rust from metal tools and equipment as well as other rusted surfaces adding years of performance to any paint project.

Metal Blast

  • Metal Blast - 24oz Spray Bottle

    Metal Blast - 24oz Spray Bottle

  • Metal Blast - Gallon

    Metal Blast - Gallon

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    Metal Blast Spray Gallon

    Metal Blast Spray Gallon

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  • Metal Blast - 5 Gallon Pail

    Metal Blast - 5 Gallon Pail