For all applications. Rust Bullet completely stops rust in the home, farm, industrial industries, marine, and automotive. Plus, any general rusting that may happen in other structures.

Rust Bullet products and coatings permanently stop rust and corrosion. Instead of creating a film over the rust application area, Rust Bullet penetrates the pores of the area causing the affected rust areas to dry out.

Rust Bullet was designed to withstand even the harshest challenges. Rust Bullet formulas can tackle any weather, abrasions, chemicals, and much, much, more, greater than the competition.

Not only does Rust Bullet provide superior quality and durability, Rust Bullet can be found at an affordable cost compared to similar options (that claim to work, but don’t work as well, guaranteed). Don’t waste your money on powder coatings, apply Rust Bullet and save money for years to come.

This method dehydrates the affected areas and becomes one with the coating, then creates a strong coating barrier that will prevent more rust and corrosion from forming in the future.

Rust Bullet becomes an integral part of the surface and will protect the surface for years to come. With two United States Patents, Rust Bullet has been recognized as effective by numerous Accredited Independent Laboratories as the leader in corrosion and rust prevention throughout the industry. 

Rust Bullet’s Application Guidelines are included with every order. To ensure you achieve the best possible results, it is extremely important that these Application Guidelines are read thoroughly before using Rust Bullet Products.

The Proof is in the Product 

Rust Bullet LLC is so confident that our product will work for you, that we have our customers send in their results, their questions, comments, and concerns directly to us.

Above is the automotive application of Rust Bullet to a ’65 Mustang undercarriage. This is just one example of how Rust Bullet WILL work for you. With one of the lowest V.O.C.s on the market today, our product is not only completely stops rust, but it is environmentally friendly and safe to use.