The Best Garage Floor Coating, According to 6,000+ Customer Reviews

by Melissa Epifano
January 2022

Of all the floors in homes and businesses, the garage is one that’s frequently considered last. Whether it’s being used for storing cars, materials, machinery, or serves another purpose entirely, its foundational surface will most likely do better when lacquered in an epoxy coating or layer of garage floor paint.

Garage floors need more than a standard can of paint. Most are concrete floors and in order to increase their durability and protect them from moisture, hot tires, and dropped items, they need a thicker product. Floor coverings such as garage floor mats and tiles can also help provide protection.

Best Garage Floor Coating

Here’s what to be aware of when searching for the best coating for a garage floor, as well as a rundown on the different types. Prior to using any floor coating, repairing cracks and thoroughly cleaning the floor is essential.

Garage Floor Paint and Coating Types

Garage Floor PaintsKomposition

These are similar to regular paints but are often specially made for concrete surfaces and have special features to make them less susceptible to damage, moisture, oil, and other chemicals or hard objects that may cause harm.

Garage floor paints aren’t usually as strong as epoxy or polycuramine, but are great for budget-conscious buyers or anyone looking for the next step of protection for a sealed but unpainted or uncovered garage floor.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy resin, acrylic epoxy, and other epoxy-based coatings are popular when it comes to garage floors. An epoxy floor coating can provide a thicker layer of coverage to floors and can last a lot longer than an average floor paint.

Prior to rolling a garage floor epoxy coating on, an epoxy primer may be required for a smooth process and a coat that stays put. These also tend to be a bit more difficult and time-intensive to apply in comparison to paint.

Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic floor coatings are a relatively new advancement in terms of floor coatings. They feature a slower chemical reaction between a partially blocked amine and isocyanates and are a favorite in terms of durability and protective strength.

These are better at deflecting UV damage, light, and can hold their color for longer. They also cure much faster than other types available on the market. Polyaspartic floor coatings can be harder to come by though when online shopping.

Floor Tiles and Mats

Floor tiles might mean the ceramic or similar pieces that are neatly laid out, but as a word, may be used interchangeably with floor mats in reference to garages and shops. Mats and tiles are usually softer and made of hard plastic or a copolymer when used in a garage and aren’t the same as the ones seen in living spaces, bathrooms, or walls. Some mats can click and lock into place. But there are also longer mats that fully and partially cover floors.

Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete was named the “Best Floor Paints for Garages”

Best Floor Paints for Garages—Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete Coating for Garage Floors

A roller or brush can be used to apply this to the garage floor, but this formula from Rust Bullet is also compatible with paint sprayers to really simplify the process.

Chemical spills, scratches, sun exposure, and even hot tires won’t ruin a coat or two of this concrete floor paint and it takes far less preparation than epoxy garage floor kits. With 18 different colors available, anyone looking to stay away from the classic grey and beige will have plenty of options.

One person noted that “this paint is holding up very well, even in our hot Arizona sun,” and several others endorsed its durability. “This stuff is no joke—easy to apply, nice appearance, super durable,” wrote a reviewer. “I expect this coating to last for years. Spend a few extra bucks over the Home Depot stuff that doesn’t hold up against heat and time.”

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