Rust prevention is good and can protect your assets and save you from costly repairs and replacements. The challenge is choosing an appropriate product that provides optimum protection for your metal assets. The options include a rust converter and a metal rust protector, and knowing their differences can help you make an informed choice and determine when or how to apply them.

About rust converters

A rust converter turns iron oxide into a ferric phosphate, a stable compound to prevent further corrosion. It requires you to prepare the surface before application, as it is a water-based chemical solution with active ingredients like tannic or phosphoric acid or both and an organic polymer that provides a protective layer to the metal substrate.

Rust converters do not require sand-blasting, reducing the effort and time involved in their application. They suit many applications, including vehicles, industrial machinery and equipment, and outdoor fixtures and fittings.

What about rust protectors?

metal rust protector is a rust inhibitor and protective coating in one. It’s a coating that enhances surface properties, such as wear and corrosion resistance, and function. The best products are polyurethane coatings that exceed the performance of elastomeric coatings with their optimum abrasion resistance, flexibility, and impact resistance, making them effective at protecting metals from rust and corrosion.

Rust protectors are your first line of defense against corrosion. They serve as a preventative measure against rust and corrosion, making them essential to apply when your metal structures or assets are still new. That way, they can keep protecting metal for many years. They allow exposure to all elements, including atmospheric, underground, or immersion exposure, and can withstand conditions like cooling, heating, drying, wetting, and oxidation.

There is a rust protector for every application.

Metal rust protector products vary per application. Reputable manufacturers offer products for concrete, industrial, and automotive use, allowing you to find something suitable for your needs.