As a leader in concrete coating, Rust Bullet, LLC, stands by our promise to ensure a strong, stable, and long-lasting paint that will handle oil, grease, and any other chemicals you throw at it.

Not only will this protect your garage floor, but it will protect your space against impacts, abrasives, and any other atmospheric elements.

Where Can I Apply Rust Bullet Concrete Paint?

Use the Rust Bullet for Concrete for all your concrete flooring needs including garage floors, walkways, paths and much more.

Typical epoxy can involve strenuous mixing and time-consuming ratios. Rust Bullet makes it simple by already having the mix completed, making application a one-step process.

If you want to avoid the pain and annoying prep for creating an epoxy for your concrete floor, then choose Rust Bullet. All you have to do is apply it to a clean floor, it’s that simple! And, unlike other epoxies, if any breaches occur you can easily apply more Rust Bullet paint to the concrete directly, no extensive application process needed.

Rust Bullet, LLC warrants its products to be free from material defects.  Rust Bullet® is manufactured under the strict formula specifications that were established in its extensive scientific studies, and that’s why we offer a 5-year warranty for all of our paint products. Please read the warranty here, as some actions may void it!

Rust Bullet Concrete Paint Isn’t Really… Paint

Rust Bullet technically is not traditional paint as we know it.  It’s marketed that way however because like paint, it’s a single part coating that doesn’t require a second component to mix in.  It is easy to apply like paint and can be applied to other surfaces with the use of a spray gun.

Rust Bullet not only improves the appearance of concrete, it provides an impervious shield allowing easy cleanup of oil, grease, and chemical spills along with strong protection against impact and abrasives.

Check out our Concrete Flooring project and tell us what you think, how did our product work for you? Review us. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns!