Let’s begin by discussing what a rust inhibitor is and how it works.


Q: What is a rust inhibitor?

A: Rust inhibitors use proprietary chemicals to prevent rust on iron, iron alloy, and other metallic surfaces. Rust Bullet restores virtually any substrate to a rust and corrosion free usable state.

Q: How does a rust inhibitor work?

A: Using a single component high solids industrial coating, Rust Bullet provides protection from corrosion and prevents its return. Paint or spray Rust Bullet over rusted metal or metal capable of rusting, and then the miraculous adhesion properties of Rust Bullet will effectively seal rusted areas and prevent further rusting.

Q: What applications are available for rust inhibitors?

A:     Industrial: Highway bridges Metal equipment Oil wells Cranes Wastewater treatment plants

Home and Farm: Tool boxes Farming equipment and machinery Garages Storage sheds

Marine: Ships Ports Boats Transport containers Anchors

Automotive: Motor vehicles Railroad cars Dry-van trailers Refer trailers Old engines

Concrete: Showrooms Warehouses Driveways Platforms Patios

Q: Should I wait until my metals are rusty before using a rust inhibitor?

A: While it’s okay to use Rust Bullet on heavily rusted items, you can also deter or prevent the development of rust with Rust Bullet. Combating rust before it starts to accumulate is the surest way to keep your products in optimal condition.

Q: What’s the difference between Por 15 and Rust Bullet, anyway?

rust-paint-comparissonRust Bullet is hands down the easiest and most effective rust inhibitor on the market. The image shows testing done and how Rust Bullet outlasted every single product it was tested against. 

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