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Rust Bullet Standard Formula

Rust Bullet Standard Formula Rust Inhibitive Coating is a one-step, multiple coat industrial grade urethane coating.

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Rust Bullet Automotive Formula

Rust Bullet Automotive Formula has been developed to provide the same performance and protection as the Standard Formula, while delivering the smooth surface texture required in the Automotive Industry.

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Rust Bullet BlackShell

Rust Bullet BlackShell is the optimum gloss black protective coating, combining both function and beauty to create a mirror finish black gloss surface.

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Rust Bullet WhiteShell

Rust Bullet WhiteShell is the optimum gloss white protective coating providing protection and a beautiful mirror finish white gloss surface.

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Rust Bullet ColorShell

Rust Bullet ColorShells have been specifically formulated to help you meet the safety color coding requirements for commercial and industrial identification. ANSI Z535 Compliant OSHA Safety Color.

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Rust Bullet Metal Jacket

Rust Bullet Metal Jacket is a temporary, translucent, non-greasy, non-dirt collecting, dust retardant that protects all metals against atmospheric rust and corrosion.

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Rust Bullet Rapid Fire Accelerator

Rust Bullet Rapid Fire Accelerator is a 100% solids additive for spray applications of Rust Bullet Coatings, reducing recoat times by up to 80% without affecting the adhesive properties of the coatings.

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Rust Bullet Clear Shot

Rust Bullet Clear Shot is a revolutionary, single component, clear protective coating that won’t crack, chip, peel, or yellow, drying to an incredibly hard water-clear finish.

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Rust Bullet Solvent

Rust Bullet Solvent is specially formulated for the easy cleanup or thinning of all Rust Bullet Coatings. Effectively prep and/or clean equipment such as paint pots, lines, guns, brushes and rollers.

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Rust Bullet Metal Blast

Rust Bullet Metal Blast is a cleaner and conditioner for metal surfaces, removing rust, grease, oil, and other contaminants allowing for a superior bond to surfaces that have minimal or poor adhesive qualities.

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Rust Bullet Automotive - Rust Removal & Protective Coatings for Cars

The Leader in Rust Inhibitive Coatings
Rust Bullet Automotive is specifically formulated to provide the smooth finish desired for automotive projects. Rust Bullet’s high-gloss BlackShell, WhiteShell, and ColorShells have been formulated as the ultimate topcoats for use with both Rust Bullet Standard and Rust Bullet Automotive. Rust Bullet’s patented Rust Inhibitive Automotive Formula and Rust Bullet’s ColorShells are an unbeatable combination.
Easy Application, Little or No Surface Prep
“A high performance coating for steel and iron corrosion control. A single component, hybrid-moisture cure urethane coating that when applied does not form a film immediately, but rather it penetrates to combine the rust with the coating all the way down to the original metal surface.”
More Cars are Destroyed by Rust than by Accidents
MOISTURE - Moisture invasion will destroy a vehicle very quickly. Rust Bullet Automotive Coatings, properly applied and cured, for repair or restoration, will provide an impenetrable surface for the ultimate moisture barrier.

CHLORIDES - In the United States alone, in 2009, more than 22 million tons of road salts were used. These salts do not just disappear but become imbedded in the pavement and virtually any vehicle traveling on the roads. A pro-active application of Rust Bullet Automotive Coatings will provide a long-lasting protective barrier against these corrosive elements.

In 2011, a General Motors Service Bulletin was issued regarding improper surface prep causing premature corrosion and rusting. Rust Bullet Automotive and Rust Bullet BlackShell Formulas, applied according to the manufacturer’s guidelines were recognized to be the most effective method of addressing this corrosion issue. The performance of Rust Bullet Coatings during GM’s field trials was the determining factor in the decision to recommend Rust Bullet Products, over the competitors’ products, in their service bulletins. These trials were conducted on customer vehicles in the actual environments in which they will be used.

Efficient corrosion control can be achieved using the most successful preventive strategies at every level of involvement. With little to no surface prep and ease of application, Rust Bullet Products are the most effective pro-active and rehabilitative treatment of automotive corrosion available. Learn more about the unique corrosion control technology of Rust Bullet’s Rust Inhibitive Coatings at