Rust Bullet products and coatings permanently stops rust and corrosion. Instead of creating a film over the rust application area, Rust Bullet penetrates the pores of the area causing the affected rust areas to dry out.

This method dehydrates the affected areas and becomes one with the coating, then creates a strong coating barrier that will prevent more rust and corrosion from forming in the future.

Rust Bullet becomes an integral part of the surface and will protect the surface for years to come. With two United States Patents, Rust Bullet has been recognized as effective by numerous Accredited Independent Laboratories as the leader in corrosion and rust prevention throughout the industry.

Watch how to apply Rust Bullet, here.

Killing existing rust and prevent its return with the Rust Bullet Automotive Formula.

Combine beauty and function with a Rust Bullet Topcoat color of your choice.

Our Topcoats are industrial grade rust inhibitors that are UV and scratch resistant. This kit provides enough product for a truck undercarriage but may be used for all your automotive applications including undercarriages, frames, floor pans, rocker panels, suspension and much more.

Truck Kit Includes:

Rust Bullet Undercarriage Truck Kit

(3) Quarts Rust Bullet Automotive

(2) Quarts of Topcoat (color of your choice)

(2) 24 oz. Rust Bullet Metal Blast

(1) Quart Rust Bullet Solvent

(6) 2 Inch Paint Brushes

(3) Sanding Sponges

(10) Pair Nitrile Gloves

*Please Note:
BlackShell quarts as topcoat shown in the picture. If no topcoat color is chosen, your order will contain Rust Bullet BlackShell.  **Not available in Canada

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