Yes. Rust Bullet Industrial is appropriate for most industrial or commercial type projects. A minimum dry film thickness (DFT) of 12 mils is recommended for most industrial and commercial applications.
Rust Bullet provides superior protection even under the harshest conditions common in industrial and commercial environments. It protects surfaces with an impenetrable, nonporous, armor-like shield that repair, defends, and maintains surface integrity. Rust Bullet Industrial received two United States patents for its technology in rust prevention and protection. Rust Bullet is UV resistant, scratch, chip and chemical resistant and provides outstanding protection from abrasives and corrosives that damage and destroy surfaces.

Rust Bullet is a one-part, multiple coat urethane that can be applied with little or no surface preparation, reducing the high cost of product, labor, and the containment of waste. Rust Bullet requires little or no maintenance, consequently saving money and minimizing down time. If surface preparation is necessary, Rust Bullet Metal Blast can be used to dissolve rust and properly etch the metal prior to the application of Rust Bullet. Always allow the surface to completely dry before applying Rust Bullet. Although it is not always necessary to blast surfaces prior to a Rust Bullet application, soda blasting, dry ice blasting and hydro-blasting are three methods of media blasting that are effective, clean, and environmentally safe. All media are sound options and clean-up will be relatively minor. Surface prep on industrial and commercial projects may vary dependent upon the condition of the substrate.