Brush – Regular bristle brushes. Do not use foam! Use cheaper types of brushes, as you will need to discard the brush when finished. A brush application achieves approx. 2 mils per coat.
Roller – Use a 3/8-inch microfiber nap roller. Do not use a foam roller. A roll application achieves approx. 2 mils per coat.
Spray Equipment:
Airless – Rust Bullet Industrial, DuraGrade Concrete, and Rust Bullet for Concrete can be applied using airless spray equipment. A 517 to 523 tip at approximately 3000 5000 PSI is recommended and will give you about 3-4 mils per coat.
HVLP – Rust Bullet Automotive, BlackShell, WhiteShell, and DuraGrade Color may be applied with HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) spray equipment. Use a 1.7mm to 2.0mm size tip, depending upon the equipment, at 40-60 PSI. An HVLP application gives about 2-3 mils per coat.