Like many surfaces, Rust Bullet Concrete coatings can become slippery when wet, and the necessity of a non-skid additive will depend on several factors:

    1. Location and Use of the Area: If the concrete floor is in an area prone to wet conditions, such as near swimming pools, in bathrooms, garages, or outdoor spaces, a non-skid additive can enhance safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls.
    2. Traffic Type: High-traffic areas, especially where people might be moving quickly or carrying heavy items, would benefit from a non-skid surface for added safety.
    3. Local Regulations and Standards: Certain industries or public access buildings may have regulations requiring non-skid surfaces for safety reasons.


  1. Personal Preference: For residential spaces, the decision may also hinge on personal preference regarding the floor’s texture and appearance.

Rust Bullet recommends the use of Tread-Tex as a compatible additive to combine on your final coat for a non-skid finish.

NOTE: While non-skid additives improve safety, they can also change the floor’s texture and might require different cleaning methods. Non-skid additives can also reduce the sheen of the gloss coating to some degree.