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Project Name: Rust Bullet Customer Service

Applicator: DIY

Application: Brush


  Rust Bullet Standard


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Rust Corrosion Project

You Folks are the Greatest!

Your response is remarkable and highly appreciated. Its better than I used to get from the man behind the counter in my old neighborhood hardware store. When you people at Rust Bullet say "contact us" you really mean it! And, you can use this comment in any of your ads without any further permission.

Al Soroka
Vancouver, Canada


Hi Al,

That would be fine. Just make sure the floats are free of oil and grease, scuff them up with some sand paper to assure good adhesion. Also apply 3 coats of Rust Bullet and let it fully cure for 5-7 days before exposing the coating to outboard motor fuel.

Thank you for your interest in Rust Bullet Products. Please do not hesitate to contact Rust Bullet Customer Service if you have questions, concerns, or wish to place an order.

Best regards,
Rust Bullet Customer Service


I've got a couple of small 4 oz. cans of Rust Bullet in silver. I want to rustproof the metal float unit parts of an outboard motor fuel tank. Can I use Rust Bullet where the coated part will sit in a gasoline and oil mixture?

Al Soroka
Vancouver, B.C.